Metal Framework

Saman Dezhpars Company, equipped with installation facilities such as tower cranes and hoists, considering the weight of metal structures and experienced and committed forces, declares its readiness to install conventional and high-rise welded structures and bolted structures. Good quality installation, along with precision and speed, will result in time savings for a project.

Saman Dezhpars Company, owning three factories totaling an area of 12,000 square meters, in both enclosed and open spaces with access to overhead cranes, equipped with equipment and tools from reputable domestic and foreign brands, is ready to produce a minimum of 1000 tons of steel skeleton for buildings and industrial purposes per month.

Metal Profiles

Metal profiles are formed through stages of design, selection of raw materials, production processes, and post-production procedures. In the design stage, the dimensions, shape, and technical specifications of the profile are determined, which is done through CAD software and reverse engineering. Then, raw materials such as steel, aluminum, or copper are chosen based on their mechanical properties and cost. In the production process stage, methods such as casting, rolling, drawing, bending, and cutting are used to produce the final shape and dimensions of the profiles. Finally, the profiles may require post-production processes such as heat treatment, galvanizing, painting, and coating. The use of these profiles is common in various industries including construction, automotive, and maritime industries.

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“This company has implemented the PMBOK standard for project execution. The use of this standard optimizes various phases of the project, improving financial processes and project time management.

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    Samand Dezh is a pioneer in the field of structural framework construction in Iran. With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions in the fabrication of steel and concrete structures. Since our establishment in 2000, our goal has been to elevate the standards of the construction industry and implement enduring, secure, and efficient projects.

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