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Saman Dezh Pioneering in the field of structural framework construction in Iran. With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, we are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions in the construction of steel and concrete frameworks. Since our establishment in 2000, we have aimed to enhance construction industry standards and implement sustainable, secure, and efficient projects.

The managers of Saman Dezh Pars have been active in the field of metal framework construction since 1994 and, in 2003, established Saman Dez Pars with the goal of qualitative development in metal framework construction.

In 2013, Saman Dez Pars expanded its activities in the construction and installation of metal frameworks and established a new metal framework production plant in Mamoonie Industrial City, covering an area of over 30,000 square meters. The company utilized advanced and precise machinery and equipment, meeting global standards, to produce metal framework structures with the highest possible quality.

Saman Dez Pars, in various areas of design, construction, and installation of metal structures, has divided its activities as follows:

1. Design, construction, and installation of high-rise welded and bolted metal structures.
2. Design, construction, and installation of industrial heavy metal structures.
3. Design, construction, and installation of marine docks and metal bridges.

Under the grace of divine blessings and with the solidarity, effort, and unified diligence of the understanding and dedicated employees of Saman Dezh Pars Company, my colleagues and I have strived to ensure that this prominent entity, which is one of the largest producers of steel structures in the country, successfully continues its path of growth and development.

In this regard, our coordinated effort towards customer orientation, improving product quality, ensuring customer benefits, and achieving their satisfaction has been our belief and commitment. We have prioritized planning and developing comprehensive programs, conducting proper market analysis, and aiming for the ultimate goal of creating the highest value for our customers and maximizing their satisfaction. For this purpose, continuous improvement and enhancing knowledge are among the top priorities of this company’s managers.

We believe that by focusing on the aforementioned key principles, we will continue to remain among the prominent and leading companies in executing major construction projects. We are prepared, while adhering to scientific and engineering principles and standards, and beyond that, to collaborate with the best consulting engineers and contractors to provide the best possible service.

Hamed Mohammad Yousef

CEO of Saman Dezh Pars Company

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