Saman Dezh Pars, relying on its technical knowledge and organizational capabilities, has collaborated with numerous employers and clients in the field of manufacturing industrial and building metal structures, as well as top-down implementation. Some of these are mentioned below:


  • Petropars Company
  • Kayson Company
  • PatroNak Construction Company
  • Sabir International Company
  • Baran Construction Group
  • Engineer Bahari Construction Group
  • Radka Parto Construction Company
  • Kوير موتور Company
  • Naxa Company
  • Anil Construction Group
  • Omran Arg Company
  • Abadis Company
  • Lotus Company


  • Sarcheshmeh Copper Investment Company
  • Oxin Steel Company
  • Abadeh Cement Company
  • Khuzestan Steel Company
  • Bahman Motor Company
  • Bahman Motor Company
  • Sinaژن Pharmaceutical Research Company
  • Sedad Machine Company
  • Tanavb Company

Consulting Engineers:

  • Dr. Sedighi and colleagues
  • Ben Sar Consulting Engineers
  • Other Consulting Engineers
  • Tehran Geotechnical Consulting Engineers
  • Bardar Consulting Engineers