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Quality Managment System

Considering the system and process-oriented approach of the organization, this unit is responsible for systematising and controlling the quality of the management system, by referring to ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2 as well as using ERP system, and presenting the strategies and operational objectives of the organization. In this regard, the steps of 1- design 2- implementation by providing methods and guidelines 3- control, edit, and measure based on auditing and analyzing the data and ultimately 4- improvement of the process of the organization through taking precautionary measures and corrective actions. This unit, after implementing, controls and orders the documentations of the organization, including three main groups of documents, history, and the printed information resources. The unit continually investigates the exactness, appropriacy, and efficacy of the entire processes and systems along with carrying out the project. By doing so, the unit makes sure that the essential processes take place efficiently and unitedly. Moreover, the general framework of management system and the explanation of relations among the elements, processes, and methods have been planned and prepared as a bylaw of the quality management system, and the possibility of institutionalization and culturalization within the organization has been prepared.